Catherine Strotmeyer

Director of Business Development

Describe your passion, your expertise and your way.

My passion is storytelling and I love ‘small’ stories in particular. I’m fascinated by the way people navigate daily experiences and relationships, and I especially love hearing about traditions and rituals. My expertise is working with our clients to understand their innovation opportunities and challenges, and mapping out a partnership framework that leads them to success. My way is thoughtful, friendly and a little introverted. I like to think things out on paper before engaging others – my desk is covered with think cards, post-its, and scraps of paper!

What is a little known fact about you?

I’ve got a bit of the word nerd thing going on. I coerce friends and family into playing Bananagrams whenever I can!

Years in consulting or with Prophet?

I joined Prophet in 2008, and have been in marketing and innovation consulting for 12 years.

What has been your most interesting or unique Prophet project thus far?

My favorite Prophet experiences have been the ones where we take our own advice and use our tools on ourselves. I’ve been part of collaborative cross-functional/cross-office/cross-level teams, participated in PLAYSTUDIO sessions, and enjoyed a firm-wide retreat where we threw out the PowerPoint decks in favor of authentic conversation. It’s important that we do the things we advise our clients to do and use our tools to shape the future of our own business.

Any advice to applicants?

Reveal something that is uniquely you. A hidden talent. An outside interest. A fascinating experience. It doesn’t have to be about work. Sure we’re checking out your resume, but what we really want to know is that you’re curious, interesting and someone that we could enjoy being stuck in an airport with.

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