Robert Throckmorton

Senior Innovation Director

Describe your passion, your expertise, and your way.

My passion, way, and expertise have a healthy amount of overlap. I am passionate about theatre and storytelling. With a background as a performer and director, I find the magic of conveying a message through fiction or personal point of view to be exciting and fulfilling. This passion plays out in my Way of incorporating humor and humanity in all things. I will efface myself or go to great lengths for a laugh if it helps create an inroad for communication or engagement. I consider my Expertise the tools and skills I employ that bring Passion and Way to life in service of the business objective, specifically the creative and effective use of language. Whether I am naming, facilitating, creating content, or navigating a tricky communication by e-mail, I strive to use the right words, tone, metaphors, or context. Framing any situation creatively—one-on-one or between me and a group—is my first step to reaching understanding, encouraging engagement, and discovering the path to whatever idea or solution we’re exploring together.

What do you like to do outside the office?

When I can, I perform theatre, but that is a rare event these days. More regularly I am able to bake. I love the specificity and science that baking requires compared to other looser forms of cookery. (I love that the Brits call it cookery—it sounds more creative or craftsman-like than the functional “cooking.”) Not unlike a handyman who likes to have every tool and kit to perform a variety of jobs, I love collecting and experimenting with as many niche baking devices I can find. A well-equipped kitchen is my version of a well-appointment workbench or garage.

What did you do prior to Prophet?

I was a seasoned member of the Play team prior to Prophet, but prior to that I worked in advertising, marketing, banking, and non-profit theatre administration.

What has been your most interesting or unique Prophet project thus far?

Driving and delivering the launch of the naming offer have brought me to many great and revealing projects. Naming is a fascinating blend of creativity and strategy, naturally, but what is even more surprising are the skills needed in aligning a team of stakeholders around what they actually want to see in a name.

What is the best part of working at Prophet?

It is difficult to narrow down a favorite part, but one of them is the respect for individual talent and skill. I assumed that a firm which was so much larger than the organization I was with would need to whitewash or generalize people to achieve efficiency, and I have been so appreciative of the attention that the leaders in the company have to individual strength, role clarity, and professional development.