Jase Wells

Director of Applications Development

Describe your passion, your expertise, and your way.

My passion is blending form, function, and creativity — maybe that’s snapping a photo, maybe that’s building a LEGO masterpiece, or maybe that’s crafting nifty web applications to help us do things better (and have more fun along the way) at Prophet. My expertise is all things web, from database architecture to UI design to coding and implementation. My way is calm and inventive. I’m the quiet guy behind the scenes that gets things done in big ways.

What did you do prior to Prophet?

I worked in and led web teams at a few startups in the e-commerce, magazine publishing, and software industries. I wore many hats, but the common theme was building great websites and internal tools.

What is your favorite brand?

I’m an Apple fanatic. It’s not just the cool products and gadgets — it’s that they’ve really thought about the customer experience at every step of the way, from awareness to purchase to unboxing to lifestyle.

What do you like to do outside the office?

I have a huge appreciation for national parks — especially Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Pinnacles, and Yosemite since they’re all fairly short trips from the Bay Area. Put me on a trail in the desert or on a mountain and I’m happy.

What is the best part of working at Prophet?

The open possibilities. Spot a challenge and explore solutions. Learn something new and jump right in. Take your passion and apply it in new ways. The ability to chart your own course and see where it takes you is what I love the most.

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