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Renowned Performing Arts Institution

Marketing Technology


A nationally renowned performing arts institution needed to upgrade its technology stack to implement new, innovative digital practices, including website personalization, integrated multi-channel marketing, and digital asset collaboration. The new marketing tools needed to integrate with its existing technology and operate within the budget of a non-profit organization.


Altimeter, in partnership with Prophet set out to create a comprehensive list of features and functionalities for the new platforms based on the needs of the institutions marketing, PR and artistic planning teams.

To do this, we interviewed representatives of every single department to establish their priorities, and major challenges. We then created an RFP document for four types of technology platforms; a content management system, a digital asset management tool, a content collaboration tool and a web personalization platform. We then created a shortlist of vetted vendors and invited them to participate in the RFP process. During this process, we ran live demos and Q&A sessions for our clients to help them make understand the pros and cons of each software and the implementation process.


After a lengthy RFP process, we made final recommendations for the best vendors in each software category, which the client acted on. In addition, we also delivered recommendations for new processes and governance in order to ensure the successful use of the technology stack. Finally, we created job descriptions for employees to run the newly installed platforms.

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