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Artificial Intelligence technologies are increasingly critical to digital transformation strategy, but there can be a steep learning curve. Altimeter offers a set of services to help clients learn more about AI, discover and prioritize the ways they can apply it to their business and prepare their organization for success. Topics include: AI Education and Strategy, The Customer Experience of AI, Conversational Business: Strategies for chatbots and voice agents; and Building ethical and trustworthy AI products and services.

How can Altimeter help support your data strategy?

Research Services

Altimeter analysts can act as an independent research partner to identify topics, conduct quantitative and/or qualitative research, author content and engage with external audiences in a variety of ways. The following is an a-la-carte list of potential projects, but, based on interest and budget, we can work with you to create a custom scope. Examples can include some or all of the following:

  • Thought Leadership Study (custom research paper) on a mutually agreed-upon topic.
  • Keynote Speeches on a mutually agreed-upon topic.
  • Strategy Workshops and Educational Sessions: Analysts can present research in a keynote speech or host a strategy workshop at a client or industry event.
  • Webinars: To preview or reinforce research, clients may host a live webinar with an Altimeter analyst as guest presenter. The goal could be to formally introduce or reinforce research, engage the market in Q&A and promote engagement.
  • Podcast or Video Series: Clients may develop a podcast or video series featuring Altimeter analysts interviewing experts and others.
  • Executive Briefings/Salons:  Host a meeting or salon with an analyst as a featured guest speaker on a topic of your choosing.  This can also become a prototype for events held in various cities.

Keynote Speeches

Kick off or close out your event with an Altimeter analyst. Every speech is tailored to the needs of your audience. Keynotes are often given at conferences, corporate or industry events. Altimeter analysts have keynoted at the World Business Forum, SXSW, World Economic Forum, TED events and more.

Strategy Workshops and Education Sessions

Altimeter delivers custom-designed interactive sessions to help organizations identify opportunities to deliver customer-centric product, service and business model innovation using AI technologies. Workshops begin with a brief presentation, followed by a gallery walk, an ideation session and a priority-setting exercise in which participants identify, evaluate and create a roadmap related to a specific business problem. Our workshops are action-oriented, educational and practical to enable teams to align around a common framework and next steps.

Sample Topics

  • AI Strategy and Maturity Roadmap
  • The Customer Experience of AI
  • Conversational Business: Strategies for chatbots and voice agents; and
  • Building Ethical and Trustworthy AI Products and Services
  • Building an Operating Model for Responsible AI
  • AI Ethics and the Law

Sample Agenda

  • Introductions & Expectations:            15 min
  • Research & Industry Overview:          15 min
  • Fundamentals of AI:                             30 min
  • Use Cases and Gallery Walk:               45 min
  • Implications and Decision Criteria    15 min
  • Break                                                        15 min or Lunch
  • Exercise: Prioritizing Use Cases         90 min
  • Readout & discussion:                          30 min
  • Wrap-Up:                                                 15 min

Thought Leadership Events

Enterprise or technology clients who wish to demonstrate their leadership in AI and/or better understand customer needs may wish to host a thought leadership session, including Susan Etlinger, current and prospective clients and experts and external experts and other thought leaders as appropriate.

These sessions typically begin with a very brief (5 minute) presentation or speech by the client, a very brief (5 minute) presentation or speech by Susan Etlinger and, depending on the client’s wish, a facilitated or organic conversation. Ideal size is 12-20, held in a private room with a three-course meal.


Altimeter offers its standard webinar package to technology companies who wish to use Altimeter AI research as a vehicle for client education, category leadership and their own lead generation, if desired. Altimeter research will remain independent and will not mention clients by name, but can be used as a lead generation vehicle by client.

Ad-Hoc Advisory

Enterprise or technology clients who wish to discuss strategic issues may wish to engage Altimeter on a limited basis, in increments of 8 hours or more, depending on need.

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