Digital Transformation

Altimeter explores how businesses invest in new models, systems, operations and employee experiences to compete in an ever-changing digital economy. Our research and offerings take a comprehensive and unique approach to understanding the changing relationship between technology and the human side of business.

How can Altimeter help your organization transform?

Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment

This is a research-based tool that assesses a company’s current digital maturity and ideal future state maturity in order to identify major gaps and opportunities. Altimeter meets with key stakeholders and sponsors to explore the “state of digital transformation” within the organization and compares it to the state of other organizations. The assessment asks questions such as “Is there a centralized digital strategy driving transformation?” “What are the key drivers of DT strategy?” “What are your top initiatives?” “is there an enterprise-wide steering committee,” “What are the challenges you face?” and “What capabilities are required to deliver against the strategy?”.

The assessment also examines the organizational (culture, leadership, structure, training) and systems (governance, management, measurement) aspects of digital transformation. Clients are provided with an assessment report that documents findings from our interviews, potential gaps and barriers and also compares findings against our repository of digital transformation data. We also provide a series of specific short- and long-term recommendations.

Digital Strategy and Advisory

Altimeter works with clients at all levels of their digital strategy. As outside experts, Altimeter can validate or advise executives on their current strategies and roadmaps. Additionally, Altimeter often serves as trusted industry experts to share bold insights and expertise with executives and team members to create alignment and sometimes even a sense of urgency.

Potential engagements include:

  • Executive roundtables/Q&A: Hosted conversations about Altimeter research and subject matter expertise.
  • Team member presentations or town halls: Altimeter presents live via a keynote or casual style presentation on key topics, innovative ideas and best practices.
  • Featured speaker at corporate event
  • Customized programming (featuring analysts and outside subject matter experts)
  • Workshops: 1/2 and full-day workshops that take executives through a deeper exercise to better understand key topic areas.
  • Strategy roadmaps: detailed three-year road maps that include vision statements, initiatives, staffing plans and investment strategies

Featured analysts and areas of expertise:

Charlene Li: Disruption Strategy and Leadership

Omar Akhtar: Digital Marketing, Content Strategy and CX

Susan Etlinger: Artificial Intelligence and Data

Altimeter brings deep industry research and best practices to the table, while tapping the consulting expertise and resources of Prophet, our parent company, to provide scale and global coverage.

Executive Workshops

Our research has found that the biggest barriers to digital transformation are leadership and culture. Our workshops feature New York Times bestselling author Charlene Li, who helps clients align executive teams around a new, digital-first mindset. These workshops range from executive retreats with several hundred leaders, to intimate, hands-on workshops with top executives to identify and align digital and cultural opportunities.

Disruption Strategy and Advisory

Many companies make disruption their goal. They believe that if they develop the right innovation, they will disrupt their markets forever and drive the kind of growth worthy of a magazine cover story. Disruption doesn’t create growth; instead, growth creates disruption.

Growth is always hard, and disruptive growth is exponentially harder. It requires companies to make tough decisions in the face of daunting uncertainties: Should we bet our company’s future on next-generation customers or today’s reliable ones? Should we abandon our current business model for an entirely new one? Making bold changes demands bold leadership and, often, massive cultural transformation.

Based on the book “The Disruption Mindset”, Altimeter works with the executives to understand and develop an action plan around the three elements of a disruption mindset: 

  • A strategy designed to meet the needs of future customers. Executives identify what it will take to align the organization around the pursuit of future customers. 
  • Leadership that creates a movement to drive and sustain transformation. Disruption transformation is hard and must be sustained over a long period of time. As such, leadership must show up differently and create a movement to sustain people. Included in this section is a mini-workshop around leveraging digital engagement as leaders. 
  • A culture that is capable of thriving with disruptive change. What beliefs hold the organization back? What beliefs need to be adopted to move it forward? We also explore how to hard-wire disruptive believes into the structure, processes, and lore of the organization. 

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