Disruptive technologies have a way of coming out of nowhere to change everything. But as they rise, disruptive technologies offer insights into future trends and market shifts. Altimeter tracks technologies already impacting businesses and those starting to make waves. Altimeter also has an inside track into how companies are investing in innovation, and building new innovation models to get ahead of disruption.

How can Altimeter support your innovation efforts?

Innovation Workshop

This is an executive workshop designed to examine the pillars of innovation, how companies are succeeding and failing in their innovation efforts, different approaches to innovation (formal center, an internal team, strategic partnerships with investors, startups and accelerators) and ways to align efforts with business objectives. We also help companies develop a roadmap to innovation by helping prioritize goals, identify challenges and opportunities, and outline the steps needed to formalize an innovation program.

Silicon Valley Innovation Tour Support

When executives visit Silicon Valley to experience first-hand what it means to be a disruptive, agile business, Altimeter helps kick off tours by highlighting key themes to look for during company visits, and facilitates wrap-up sessions to summarize important takeaways. One example exercise is “walking the plank,” which helps executives move far beyond their comfort zone and shift their mindset to think more innovatively.

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