What does innovation look like in the best startups and agile organizations around the world? How does innovation become a mandate? How does innovation delivery ROI? How do we operationalize innovation? These are just some of the questions to which Altimeter helps executives find answers. More importantly, we help pave the paths toward activating these insights within organizations.

How can Altimeter support your innovation efforts?

Innovation Workshop

This is an executive workshop designed to examine the pillars of innovation, how companies are succeeding and failing in their innovation efforts, different approaches to innovation (formal center, an internal team, strategic partnerships with investors, startups and accelerators) and ways to align efforts with business objectives.

Altimeter conducts internal research starting with executive and stakeholder interviews to assess the state of innovation within the organization, existing roadmaps and current goals. These interviews inform an audit that is then assembled into an expert assessment of the innovation strategy, strengths and challenges, and next steps. We then conduct external research to tailor an innovation workshop that unites the team around best-in-class insights, case studies and frameworks. Finally, the workshop helps companies develop a roadmap and vision to innovation by helping prioritize goals, solutions, resources/owners, and an outline of the steps needed to formalize an innovation program.

Innovation Advisory

Altimeter works with clients at all levels of their innovation strategy. As outside experts, Altimeter can validate or advise executives on their current strategies and roadmaps. Additionally, Altimeter often serves as trusted industry experts to share bold insights and expertise with executives and team members to create alignment and sometimes even a sense of urgency.

Potential engagements include:

  • Executive roundtables/Q&A: Hosted conversations about Altimeter research and innovation expertise (internal and external approaches).
  • Team member presentations: Altimeter presents live via a keynote or casual style presentation on key topics, innovative ideas and best practices.
  • Featured speaker at corporate event
  • Customized programming (featuring analysts and outside subject matter experts)

Silicon Valley Innovation Tour Support

Altimeter is highly connected to the innovation ecosystem within Silicon Valley and other tech hotspots around the U.S. and the globe. While others specialize in “innovation tours,” Altimeter taps its network specifically to the needs or curiosity of any company seeking to learn from startups and agile enterprises.

When executives seek to visit Silicon Valley and tech capitols around the world, Altimeter curates an event to spotlight first-hand what it means to be a disruptive, innovative business. To do so, Altimeter organizes custom meetings, events, innovative experiences and select tours to immerse executives and stakeholders in cultures of disruption. We organize these sessions based on goals, ascertained by our team beforehand and then produce a wrap up report and summary presentation and also recommended next steps to take you to the next level.


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