Spark leadership and employee engagement by bringing an Altimeter analyst to your next retreat or strategy session. Altimeter workshops are custom-designed interactive sessions where participants carry out a number of training activities rather than passively listen to a lecture or presentation.

Our workshops are action-oriented, educational and practical — you and your team will walk out aligned around a common framework and next-step actions to take. And we do this virtually, using a host of digital tools to ensure engagement and alignment.

Workshop Types

Thriving With Disruption
Driving Innovation and Growth
Amidst Crisis

Leading in Disruptive Times
How to Extend Your Leadership Through Digital

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation
Increase Digital Maturity to Create Growth Opportunities

“Change in the face of disruption is confusing and hard. With Altimeter’s research-based advice, our clients have a fighting chance of not only staying ahead of the pace of change but also to thrive against their competition.”

Charlene Li,
Founder, Altimeter, a Prophet company