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Abram is a senior partner at Prophet’s New York office, where he turns ideas into action for brands. A lifelong detective of why people think, feel and act the way they do, he helps clients find uncommon ways to connect business strategy to the creation of experiences, which employees and customers both need and desire.

Blurring the lines between a human-centered concept, business case and implementation plan, he pairs client teams with Propheteers to co-create innovative product and service visions and then take them to market. He’s proud to have collaborated with brands such as Bose, The United States Marine Corps, Sprint, AIG, Boston Scientific, Marriott and AutoNation to drive business impact and change how people live and work.

Prior to Prophet he ran the NYC outpost of Fjord, Design & Innovation from Accenture Interactive. Abram’s alter ego, Dad, is busy with two “young intrepids” who teach him something new every day. His favorite superhero is his wife.

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