Dan is director of finance, based in San Francisco. He works with Prophet’s far-flung cast of characters to analyze all aspects of internal operations, fostering growth and fine-tuning business strategy.

He’s proud to have spent his entire career here, starting out tracking billable consultant time. Because of Prophet’s entrepreneurial mindset, he’s been able to flex his modeling design muscle to move into broader roles, winning internal awards for innovation in client and operational finance.

Dan’s also proud to be a study in contrasts, equally at ease talking about growing up in rural Wisconsin, where his first job was picking rocks out of fields for $5 and a can of soda, as he is discussing the intricacies of California’s taquerias.

He earned his BBA from the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin. When he’s not working, he’s probably gaming. (Super Mario is a lifelong passion.) Or you might find him listening to some late ‘90s emo, Midwestern style.

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