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Ed Terpening is an industry analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company. A Silicon Valley vet, Ed has stood at the forefront of digital transformation for 35 years. His areas of expertise and public speaking span social media, Internet of Things, digital governance and digital selling—including his annual “State of Digital Selling” global research report.

Before joining Altimeter, Ed was VP of social media at Wells Fargo where he led the first social media team of any national U.S. bank. Under his leadership, social selling began by empowering mortgage brokers to connect with prospects on Facebook. He’s trained more than 200 bankers on social and has developed social media policy training modules used by more than 500,000 employees at leading banks and consulting firms.

He is a co-founding member of industry group At Apple, he led the development of advanced data visualization tools and data warehouses. At Cisco Systems, he managed its first company-wide Intranet, first e-commerce store and the development of, one of the first sites to offer online customer service. At CNET, he founded their first community team in 2000 (prior to social media) where he added user ratings/reviews and discussion forums to their websites.

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