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Ilana Manaster is a senior creative lead of verbal branding at Prophet. She has spent the last 10 years creating unique brand voices, generating memorable taglines, writing websites, coining names and generally helping brands across the globe express themselves in a way that tells the world who they are and what they stand for.

Some exciting recent projects include the development of United’s Employee Value Proposition and accompanying website for Aviate, their pilot recruitment program. She named Bixby, the voice agent for Samsung and developed the bot’s personality and dialogue. Ilana’s other clients over the years have included multinational tech companies, hospitality groups, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, retail companies and everything in between.

Ilana has a master’s in writing from Columbia University in New York, where she also taught English Composition at the college level. She has led and developed trainings in verbal expression for many organizations, driven by the belief that writing is a technical skill that anyone can learn. In addition to her work at Prophet, Ilana is a published author and essayist.

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