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Qualitative Research Has Changed: How Web 2.0 Increases Opportunities

Based on widespread Internet adoption, software enabling social interaction, ubiquitous camera access and mobile connections, Web 2.0 has changed qualitative research. Research is no longer limited by time and location. It can now access experiences as they happen, where they happen. Respondents can be global and engaged with each other. Spontaneous interactions and moments of self-discovery can be stimulated. And it is more cost-effective and much faster than focus groups, ethnographies or in-depth interviews.

No, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Marketers need to understand the new world as occupied by firms like Revelation (Visit their website here, where most of this information originally came from).

  • Assume that you are interested in wine experiences. Respondents can keep a journal and show through video or image the context of their wine experience and their observations

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Purina on Creating and Leveraging the Power of Stories

A home run brand building program? Purina Cat Chow is inviting customers to recount a cat relationship story. Each of the top five out of 50 winners will receive $5,000, a year’s worth of pet food, and exposure of their story on Purina’s social media sites. The stories need to fit one of seven themes:

  • My first cat
  • Why I’m a cat person
  • Forever a cat family
  • How we found each other
  • Generations of care
  • Always there for me
  • Memories

I like the idea. In my view, this promotion has the potential to break out of the clutter, harness storytelling (the current hot brand-building vehicle), be the basis for intensifying a brand relationship, and create a viral video.

Cat owners, in general, have an emotional attachment to their pet, and pet food is far from a functional item. The relationship and what surrounds it can best be captured in a personal story that has…

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Disney’s War on Childhood Obesity Trumps Profitability

For the last six years, Disney has engaged in a remarkable and gutsy program to improve the nutritional knowledge and choices for kids. Without question, Disney’s leadership and actions appealed to a growing segment, enhanced their brand and made a difference concerning an important social issue. Yet, the decisions behind the program could not have been easy, as there was significant cost and risk involved. How much weight should a firm place on addressing social issues? How much financial risk and sacrifice should be accepted in order to do the “right” thing?

In 2004, Disney made the dramatic decision to establish nutrition guidelines that they leveraged in a variety of ways. In 2007, they phased out all trans fats in their parks and continued a policy of upgrading the healthiness of their park menus. In 2010, they launched the Disney Magic of Healthy Living consumer campaign, complete with a website that encouraged kids to eat right and exercise. In 2011, we saw the TRYit…

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The Power of the Shadow Endorser

There is often a business case to stretch a brand into an area that it just does not fit, even when shielded by a subbrand or as an endorser. The answer can be a shadow endorser.

BMW is a shadow endorser of the MINI Cooper. A shadow endorser brand is not connected visibly to the endorsed brand, but most consumers or potential customers know about the link or can be informed about it prior to purchase. It's in the shadows. The fact that the brands are not visibly linked makes a statement about each brand. It communicates that the organization realizes that the shadow-endorsed brand represents a totally different product and market segment than other offerings connected to the endorser.

A shadow endorser can protect the endorser brand while still providing the reassurance that an endorsement provides. Every buyer of a MINI Cooper knows that it is made by BMW and will have the same quality and innovation

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