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Your Emotional Attachment to Brands — Why High-Tech, and Why Foreign Cars?

NewMediaMetrics measured the emotional attachments to some 300 brands, and the study reflected how unwilling a consumer would be to give up that brand. The percentage of those consumers of a brand that selected a 9 or 10 on a 0 to 10 point emotional attachment scale is the core measure. The results of the 2011 study are fascinating.

4 observations:

High tech brands were the winners in the top 20, holding eight of the top 10 slots and 12 of the top 20. The top two - iPod (at 63.8%) and iPhone (59.9%) - had amazing loyalty levels. The others included Google Search, Google, Microsoft Office, Apple, Sony PlayStation, Android, iPad, Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft (at 47.6%). Some of these brands have a lot of excitement and energy plus products that have resonated with a real customer need or want. Others, like Microsoft Office and Google search, are enablers that allow people…

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Is Tesco’s Subway Virtual Store the Current Coolest Digital Program?

What is the coolest digital program out there? One that elevates the brand, stimulates customer action and delivers real ROI? One nominee is Tesco’s subway virtual store, developed by their HomePlus brand in South Korea.

Tesco, thanks to a major acquisition in 2008, is a strong retail number two in South Korea behind E-mart. Although still trailing in physical number of stores, Tesco wanted to close the gap without opening more stores. The solution was to “bring the store to the people” with subway urban shopping. Displays were installed in subways that looked identical to the supermarket aisle. Those waiting for trains could use their smart phones to identify items to purchase, specify the quantity and determine the best time to have the purchases delivered to their home.

For customers, the effort turned wasted waiting time in a subway into productive shopping time and also saved people an often painful…

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Will Retailing Ever Be The Same?

A person with a smart phone can scan a bar code in Best Buy or Macy’s, check the price and order the product from Amazon or Target on the spot. So, Amazon could receive an order from a customer that was stimulated to buy while in Best Buy.

This may revolutionize retailing and cause considerable consternation and ultimately dislocation for several players.

Remember when the Internet arrived and the savvy customer gained the power to check prices of all of the options? Especially for durables, that power led to price sensitivity and resulting price pressures.

The smart phone’s ability to scan SCAs and buy items from competitors on the spot adds a step function to this pressure. The driver is the availability and use of smart phones. Over 40% of all wireless phones are now smart phones, and this number is growing fast. A new report

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Transforming the Work of Marketing

The marketing field is faced with several challenges that for many firms will require a transformation in its capability and charge. Among them are the following four:

First, marketing needs to lead in substantial and/or transformational innovation that will result in new offerings and will define new categories or subcategories. Most marketing, in fact, is developed to “my brand is better than your brand” strategies supported by incremental innovation and conventional marketing. That direction rarely creates sales growth and at best will reduce sales decline because customers have little incentive to change habits, thus markets have a lot of inertia. The only way to grow is through Big Idea Innovation that will create enhancements or augmentations of the offering that will be regarded by or enhance customers as “must haves.”

Second, marketing needs to be strategic rather…

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Insights from the Cheezburger Network

Ben Huh, the founder of the Cheezburger Network which owns megasites, Failblog (which developed 20 million viewers per month in a short time) and dozens of other humor-content social media sites, spoke at the MSI (Marketing Science Institute) social media conference in Berkeley this week.Several of his points caught my eye.

First, his mission is simple and compelling: “Make everyone in the world happy for 5 minutes a day.” His viewers look at his sites as providing a break, especially when things get stressful. They quickly create a smile or a laugh. What a great, focused value proposition that is appealing and credible.

Second, the power of audience-created content is enormous. He asserts that users create more content in one day than the media does in a year. There is simply a lot of motivation…

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