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  • Creating a brand expression to match its growth ambition


City Share Living (the brand’s former name) is an alternative accommodation lifestyle brand for the next-gen traveler. With a portfolio of well-located urban and vacation rentals, the company promises to help guests feel comfortable and well cared for—while they immerse themselves in new travel experiences around the world. At the same time, the company’s property management services help owners convert their places into reliable, protected vacation rentals.

As the organization looked to its next generation of growth, it needed to evolve its expression with a name and identity that deliver on the vibrant and unique experiences it promises.


Partnering with the City Share team, Prophet created a new name and brand identity in eight weeks’ time. We began by working with stakeholders to define what the name needed to convey (personalization, elements of home), and how it should feel (upscale, inviting and global). We explored around 1,000 name candidates, conducted a rigorous legal and linguistic review, and one name rose to the top—Domio. Bringing together “dom,” from domicile, meaning home, and “mio,” to signal personalization, Domio communicates the brand’s proposition with a hint of international flair.

To complement the name and clearly communicate its value proposition, we created the tagline “Comfort of a home. Confidence of a hotel.” to support the brand and clearly communicate its value proposition.

Next, we needed to bring Domio to life. We created a wordmark that is bold and graphic, and leverages the macron symbol (the hyphen over the “o”), to create a hallmark visual cue of a keyhole, which is used to suggest the excitement of unlocking new adventures and experiences.

We paired the mark with a vibrant color palette grounded in deep purples and indigo (both differentiated in the category and a clear signal for luxury and royalty) and an authentic, composition-led photography style that celebrates the uniqueness of the properties, the cities they are in and the lifestyle of the next-gen Domio traveler.


Domio launched in November 2017, signaling an exciting new era for the fast-moving brand. Bolstered by its new expression, Domio is focusing on growing its portfolio and continuing to develop new ways to use on-property technology, branded programming, and custom amenities to enhance experiences and stand out from competitors for both guests and property managers alike.

“When we engaged Prophet, we were clear that we wanted to create a bold, unique, and modern brand that catered to both next-gen travelers and discerning property owners. Domio was born of our desire to invent and implement higher standards for all our stakeholders.

Prophet was incredibly collaborative and process-driven, yet flexible with our ideas. We had weekly creative sprints, centered around naming and identity development, design, and brand strategy. Prophet dedicated a comprehensive team to focus on our brand goals and ultimately, the partnership led to a great outcome for the new Domio brand and community.” – Jay Roberts, CEO, Domio


Jay Roberts

CEO at Domio

"Prophet dedicated a comprehensive team to focus on our brand goals and ultimately, the partnership led to a great outcome for the new Domio brand and community."

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