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HealthSouth, a leading provider of inpatient rehabilitation, expanded its position in post-acute care through the acquisition of Encompass Home Health & Hospice in December 2014. Offering both facility- and home-based services allowed HealthSouth to connect care across the post-acute continuum.

While this move helped differentiate the company’s position in the fast-paced U.S. healthcare landscape that rewards continuity of care, its brand strategy did not reflect those strengths, as HealthSouth was still operating under two separate brands. The organization needed to align its brand and business strategy to drive relevance across a broad set of stakeholders including patients, employees and healthcare partners.


Prophet partnered with HealthSouth to define a brand that reflected the company’s objectives. Prophet began by conducting intensive qualitative and quantitative research across key stakeholders to better understand what they need from a post-acute provider and how HealthSouth was delivering. Our research revealed the need for greater integration across care settings to drive better patient outcomes. Despite their advancements as a leading provider of integrated post-acute care, HealthSouth and Encompass Home Health & Hospice were not being acknowledged for their comprehensive services and lacked brand awareness, including awareness that they were part of the same company.

To break through the highly fragmented and undifferentiated post-acute space, Prophet helped define a distinct brand strategy that communicated HealthSouth’s commitment to drive integrated care and improve health outcomes. As a result, a powerful new brand emerged, one that drew upon the strengths of both HealthSouth and Encompass Home Health & Hospice to communicate something bigger, stronger, and more united: Encompass Health.


To bring Encompass Health to life, we created a new visual identity and verbal personality to reflect the newly defined, singular brand strategy based on connected care and superior outcomes. The new name and logo signify connection and Encompass Health’s commitment to creating a seamless system where high-quality care is coordinated by clinical teams across inpatient and home settings.

The new brand was announced in July 2017, marking the beginning of an ongoing journey to engage all 35,000 employees and critical external stakeholders. The engagement plan includes developing and implementing a unifying company purpose and values; an employee value proposition; stakeholder content strategy and communications; and the necessary governance to build and manage the brand moving forward. The official launch of the brand began on January 1, 2018, with the Encompass Health brand rolling out across all 127 hospitals and 237 home health and hospice agencies through the first quarter of 2019.


Mark Tarr

President and Chief Executive Officer, Encompass Health

"Throughout this process, we worked closely with Prophet to define a brand strategy that would improve awareness of our business strategy and the value proposition for each of our business segments."

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