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  • Deepening customer penetration in B2B markets


GE Healthcare (GEHC) became a global leader in diagnostic equipment by selling best-in-class engineering to department heads at large hospitals. But the decision maker was changing, making the sell more complex. A diversity of hospitals and clinics were entering the market, department heads were no longer the sole decision makers and information technologies were growing in importance.


Prophet helped GEHC seize the opportunity to tailor integrated solutions to the needs of different segments. A first-in-kind industry segmentation uncovered three high-potential hospital/clinic segments and revealed the requirements of new influencers within each. Segment “plans-to-win” were developed, including:

  1. Developing new product lines for each segment
  2. Creating new segment sub-brands
  3. Reorganizing the sales/service force
  4. Launching a new selling approach to target hospital heads
  5. Integrating diagnostics and information services to provide more complete segment solutions


GE Healthcare gained the ability to penetrate a greater portion of the market and impact more decision influencers. By expanding the dialogue from engineering to needs-based solutions, GEHC is now a stronger partner to healthcare providers and has amplified its ability to develop future solutions.

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