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The Kellogg School of Management has been ranked among the top five U.S. MBA programs by leading publications for decades. However, beginning in 2008 the school began to see slippage in its rankings. Pushed out of the top 5 in 2013, Kellogg realized it had to re-energize the brand and align the program and the curriculum around the renewed brand strategy. Prophet was brought in to help Kellogg revive its brand and to drive more students to consider and ultimately choose Kellogg as their top choice program.


From the results of a robust customer study involving hundreds of interviews with faculty/staff, current students, prospective students, alumni and employers, we identified what makes a program a student’s top choice and where Kellogg could improve and understand what the vision for Kellogg was and what elements of Kellogg’s history the school wanted to leverage as they rewrote the school’s future.

Regardless of who we asked there was a belief that Kellogg’s MBA program inspires growth in many facets – personally, professionally within organizations and across markets. With the big idea nailed down we turned to helping Kellogg activate its new brand strategy of ‘inspiring growth’ across key audiences. We mapped out every touch point from the time before a student applies to Kellogg to the time after they cross the stage at graduation to determine the implications of this new brand strategy and the plan to activate it across key stakeholders.


Kellogg has a renewed sense of purpose and a clearly defined strategy with which to move forward – and that is the first step in the right direction.

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