How Businesses Are Taking an OPPOSITE Approach To Business As Usual

Throughout our years of digital transformation research, we’ve observed a series of important patterns that companies follow in their work to digitally transform. We learned that strategists take an “OPPOSITE” approach to business as usual as they seek new and alternative insights and methodologies to blaze new trails.

In this report, we introduce Altimeter’s “OPPOSITE” framework, an acronym that represents a compilation of best practices guiding today’s successful organizations through their digital transformation efforts. These best practices apply to eight key areas of focus for the organization:

  • Orientation
  • People
  • Processes
  • Objectives
  • Structure
  • Insights & Intent
  • Technology
  • Execution

For companies looking to jump start their digital transformation efforts, this report provides a blueprint for stakeholders across the organization to come together, create a shared vision and take the first steps towards thriving in the new digital era.

Brian Solis

Former Principal Analyst