The COVID-19 pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on businesses and their customers. Some industries have been disrupted, while others thrive despite the crisis. Leading through disruptive times requires businesses to consider new consumer perspectives, rethink their value propositions and further accelerate their digital transformations.

At Prophet, we have identified two imperatives that will help businesses achieve uncommon growth in the post-COVID-19 world: adapting to the new normal consumers and accelerating digital transformation. In this two-part report, we will delve into the underlying consumer trends, social and technological enablers as well as emerging patterns of digital transformation that all work to point out new opportunities.

This first report focuses on how to plan and design for your customers of tomorrow, highlighting five consumer trends and opportunities for businesses to consider and capture:

  • More ‘We’ Less ‘I’
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Health is the New Wealth
  • ‘New’ New Retail
  • Value Redefined

Jacqueline Alexis Thng