For enterprise companies considering investing in AI and implementing AI applications, the current landscape can seem overwhelming. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft dominate the news, but how applicable are their strategies to companies with vastly different business models?

This report examines the real use cases, challenges and opportunities of AI for organizations. It includes interviews with executives from large, well-known companies and start-up entrepreneurs who are envisioning the many ways that machine intelligence can fuel innovation and growth.

Finally, the report offers recommendations for companies thinking about where to focus, how to build their partnership ecosystem, and how to measure value in the short and long term as AI becomes a critical driver of digital transformation.

In this new report by Susan Etlinger, you will find:

  • A framework for understanding how you can apply AI within your organization
  • Interviews and in-depth case studies from organizations using AI to fuel innovation and create tangible business value
  • Five specific guiding recommendations for enterprises planning AI implementations

Susan Etlinger

Industry Analyst