Content marketing is no longer just the playground for the PR and marketing department within an organization. Now it solves customer needs and delivers more value than just awareness and brand support. Sales and service staff now use it to support strategic goals. This changes both the types of content brands are deploying and the technology they use to produce and deliver it.

Hundreds of tools now claim to be the best-in-breed enterprise solutions for content creation, curation, management, delivery, and measurement. As a result, choosing the right software becomes an arduous and contentious process. Any team that’s in-charge of procuring software has to consider the demands of multiple departments, limited budgets, and proving a rapid return on investment. And after all those considerations, they still have to evaluate an exhausting number of vendor options and risk being blamed for picking the wrong one.

Key Findings

To select the right software, concentrate on strategy first. This report will help you navigate the intimidating landscape of content tools by creating clarity around your strategy, identifying gaps and requirements in your content operations, and providing a framework for rating tools that make the final cut.

Follow these steps to eliminate vendor options at every stage, making the final selection process far easier. Then you’ll ensure that you are picking only the software that will successfully execute your chosen content strategy and help your company stay relevant by attaining the highest levels of digital maturity.

Omar Akhtar

Senior Analyst and Research Director