How Leading CMOs and CDOs are Modernizing Experiences and Brands for Digital-First Customers

Disruptive technologies are accelerating and reshaping the evolution of markets while also influencing customer behaviors and expectations. These events have ushered in an era of digital Darwinism, where the most adaptable and resilient brands survive and thrive.

According to some leading chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief digital officers (CDOs), rapidly evolving technology and the shifting roles of CX and digital marketing are opening the doors for experience innovation and ultimately brand relevance.

What Will You Learn in this Report?

In this report, Altimeter shares insights from interviews with progressive CMOs and CDOs who are blazing the trail.

The leaders we spoke with revealed that the same disruptive technologies driving digital Darwinism have also had a positive impact on how brands can compete. A shift to a modern digital customer journey means brands have access to a massive amount of real-time customer data. Innovative brands invest heavily in collecting, interpreting, and understanding it to invest in experience innovation to become highly relevant and on-demand for always-on customers.

Empowered with real-time customer insights, they embrace disruptive technologies—from AI and machine learning to best-in-class mobile platforms—to completely innovate dated and fragmented customer journeys of yesterday; make brands more available, deliver more personalized customer experiences; and drive customer loyalty and business growth.

Modernizing experiences to such an extent requires a new approach to CX, marketing and leadership.

Learn More About Experience Innovation & The Digital Customer Journey

Innovative brands are transforming conventional organizational models around customer data and experience, bringing together the disparate parts of the organization that touch the customer journey to share data, collaborate, and build capabilities to rapidly test and learn. A new breed of marketers are increasingly taking the lead in these efforts to modernize the entire customer journey and deliver seamless customer experiences. In the process they are evolving the role of marketing within the organization to help brands compete in an era of digital Darwinism. This sets the stage for next-level experience-led innovation where the value proposition, brand and the customer’s experience are all one by design and execution.

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Brian Solis

Former Principal Analyst