A Process and Checklist for Digital Strategy Development

Brands face an ever-increasing array of digital disruptions, including social media, digital transformation, big data, omni-channel customer experience, and the Internet of Things (IoT) — to name a few. Brands can adapt and thrive in this complex connected world by collaborating to build a holistic digital strategy.

Much has been written about digital transformation as an approach to rethink business models in the digital era, but these approaches don’t always come with an actionable strategy. This report provides a bridge between business transformation, and an actionable strategy for implementing it by defining a process and a set of questions a digital strategy should answer.

Key Findings

The best strategy answers the right questions. To help you create one, we’ve taken the world of digital planning and broken it into manageable steps. For each step, we’ve created a list of questions strategists should answer to make their strategy an effective plan. Alongside these questions, we’ve included insights from 11 digital strategists to provide real-world examples of the process in action.

The phases we’ve identified in our research — and most importantly, the questions that digital strategy should answer — will help strategists address this ever more complex, connected world.

Ed Terpening

Industry Analyst

Aubrey Littleton