We surveyed 13,500 U.S. consumers to understand which brands they simply can’t live without. What did we learn?

The results are at once astounding and intuitive. The most relevant brands are centered on a clear, authentic purpose. They enable connectivity, but go beyond that to create true connection and a sense of community. They innovate at two speeds — one to make tomorrow a little better than today, and one to bring consumers the future. In some cases, they help people make sense of what’s going on as society transforms. In others, they provide a respite from life’s everyday demands. Through it all, they stay focused on delivering incredible experiences that people can’t imagine living without.

Building relevance. Achieving growth. Driving transformation.

No matter the framing of your organizational mandate, the insights and implications from our research will be informative and helpful. In this webinar, Prophet partner Jesse Purewal and Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis break down some of the key themes that were realized when diving into the 2019 rankings. Which brands topped the list? Which brands took a slide? Which brands have taken leaps in gaining relevance in the hearts and minds of consumers? Watch the webinar to find out.

Jesse Purewal

Former Partner

Scott Davis

Senior Partner, Chief Growth Officer