Insights From Some of the Most Progressive Retailers Changing the Game

To understand the state of retail innovation, we interviewed 12 top retail executives at some of the industry’s most-recognized brands. We set out to learn how leading retailers are responding to digital disruptions — and staying ahead of them. We also aimed to uncover the challenges they face and the strategies that are making an impact.

Our interviews and third-party research showed that retailers engage in these five strategies:

  • Constantly map the customer journey to create smooth cross-channel customer experiences.
  • Engage in deep consumer research.
  • Prioritize innovations that target the connected consumer.
  • Invest in formal innovation programs.
  • Cultivate the necessary digital skills across the organization.

The insights from some of the most successful retailers can offer guidance on how to stave off disruption and keep pace with an evolving retail landscape. Download the report and learn more.

Brian Solis

Former Principal Analyst