Over the past few years, the life sciences industry has experienced shifts in how sales teams interact with customers. And with onset of COVID-19, many of those demands accelerated rapidly. Companies must find ways to adapt and enhance digital capabilities to avoid disruption and drive strong business outcomes.

In this report, co-authored by Prophet and Altimeter, we offer a practical guide to help life sciences executives evaluate how their digital marketing organizations are working today and how to organize for the future. Finding the best digital marketing operating model can be complex – and may require rethinking operational hierarchies and legacy structures – but organizations must prioritize the changing demands of customers and find a model that meets their needs.

Read this report to learn:

  • Three organizational models that will help identify your best organizational fit.
  • The key questions to ask when evaluating the success of your digital marketing structure
  • Relevant examples from life sciences and B2B healthcare executives and their organizations’ approach to digital marketing


This report specifically looks at digital marketing within life sciences organizations but for cross-industry examples, you can read more in Altimeter’s research, “Organizing for Digital Marketing Excellence”. In addition to the three operating models, it also includes a four-step process for organizing your digital marketing team. Read the full report here.

Jeff Gourdji


Paul Schrimpf


Omar Akhtar

Senior Analyst and Research Director