Prophet will launch its 2021 Brand Relevance Index® in February. To be the first to see the results, pre-register today.

While the events of the last year have impacted our lives in unimaginable ways, we found that brand relevance is more important than ever. At Prophet, we continue to believe that the strongest brands are the ones that are relentlessly relevant and making a difference in consumers’ lives.

To assess which brands are most relevant, we survey thousands of consumers to determine which brands they simply can’t live without. Those companies that have built relentlessly relevant brands generally have four common characteristics:

  • Customer Obsessed: Brands we can’t imagine living without
  • Ruthlessly Pragmatic: Brands we depend on
  • Distinctively Inspired: Brands that inspire us
  • Pervasively Innovative: Brands that consistently innovate

We’d love to sit down and talk about how to build a relentlessly relevant brand. Contact us today.

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Marisa Mulvihill


Scott Davis

Senior Partner, Chief Growth Officer