How Companies Are Investing in the Digital Customer Experience

Digital transformation isn’t a trend owned by a particular role, nor a discipline that belongs to one department alone. It is, however, a significant movement where daring business leaders venture into tomorrow’s markets, today.

In 2013, Altimeter researched how businesses explore digital transformation. One finding revealed that while the word “digital” is part of “digital transformation,” the essence of digital transformation comes down to people and how their digital behaviors differ from that of the traditional customers before them. It’s also more than that.

In our initial report on the topic, Digital Transformation: Why and How Companies Are Investing in New Business Models to Lead Digital Customer Experiences, we set out to determine how digital transformation unified disparate digital efforts under a common vision. In the process, we uncovered a more human story. We followed up our initial research with a 2014 survey, aimed at digital strategists, to further understand the state of digital transformation.

This report shares its results and is designed to complement Altimeter’s annual State of Social Business report. Combined, this research helps strategists drive social business evolution and digital transformation based on insight from peers and market leaders.

Brian Solis

Former Principal Analyst