What Does Digital Marketing Excellence Look Like?

Altimeter’s 2019 State of Digital Marketing report gives marketers the latest data on how companies are using digital marketing to drive business results. It identifies and quantifies the key practices being used by companies to achieve digital marketing excellence.

Based on a survey of 500 senior digital marketers across North America, Europe and China, the report provides key insights into what strategies, channels and practices perform best, including how these vary across industries and regions. It also identifies trends in innovation, current technology adoption and key metrics for measuring digital marketing success.

Key Findings From the Report

  • Brand awareness (37%) was cited as the top goal of digital marketing, followed by lead generation (26%) and customer experience (20%).
  • Acquiring the right skills (55%) and scaling innovation (54%) are the biggest challenges for marketing organizations.
  • Data analysis (41%) and tech expertise (38%) are the most-desired skills in new hires.
  • Sixty-one percent of marketers said customer loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) are their top metrics for measuring digital marketing success.
  • Over 60% of respondents said their companies have mapped a digital customer journey, content customization rules, and testing points across all digital touchpoints.
  • Websites (56%) and social media (69%) are the best-performing channels for digital marketing.
  • Salesforce (26%) and Adobe (22%) are the most popular “primary” digital marketing platform vendors.

Omar Akhtar

Senior Analyst and Research Director