Missed Charlene Li’s webinar on “The 2020 State of Digital Transformation“? Register here to watch the full presentation at your own pace, and download the accompanying slides.

In the webinar, Charlene Li shares key insights from Altimeter’s latest report “The 2020 State of Digital Transformation“.

The COVID-19 crisis caused a major upheaval in the first half of 2020. Within weeks, organizations made drastic changes that were expected to take years, like shifting employees to remote work and digitizing customer offerings. The digitization of organizations that was previously anticipated to take years happened in a matter of days.

There is now more pressure than ever for digital to perform in ways that can power meaningful business transformations.

Watch the webinar replay to learn more about:

  • How organizations are pursuing digital transformation, and how transformation initiatives vary based on digital maturity stage, industry, geography, and organization size.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on digital transformation efforts.
  • How we benchmarked digital maturity across five areas: Leadership and culture, customer experience, marketing and sales, technology and innovation, and data and artificial intelligence.

Charlene Li

Senior Fellow