Nearly 100% of businesses expect more from their digital marketing efforts, yet only 50% have a strategy in place.

In today’s digital world, unlocking growth has never been harder and the pressure on marketing and sales teams to demonstrate impact has never been greater. The pace of change is accelerating as new technologies and sources of data reshape expectations. B2C and B2B customers no longer hold you to industry standards; they’re comparing you to their experiences with Amazon and Netflix.

Every company needs to focus on building a digital marketing and sales advantage. The shift can be daunting. However, with every obstacle a marketing and sales team faces, new opportunities follow. Now is the time to build a digital marketing strategy with transformational impact.

Digital Marketing Challenges

With ever-changing technology and consumers’ demanding more personalized, tailored and thoughtful experiences at every touchpoint, digital marketing isn’t getting any easier. Five hundred digital growth leaders identified their top digital marketing challenges in the most recent release of our proprietary, cross-industry study of digital marketing. Understanding these challenges and building effective the strategies and initiatives to overcome them are crucial to achieve digital marketing excellence.

Explore growth leaders' seven most common digital marketing challenges.

“The Prophet team has been a true partner every step of the way in our customer-centric, digital transformation”

Lars Hygrell
Chief Marketing Officer
Electrolux Group

Explore growth leaders' seven most common digital marketing challenges.

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