The Challenge

Founded in 1963, Arup Associates was Ove Arup’s blueprint for a radical new type of architect-engineer relationship, integrating the disciplines in search of unified design. He believed buildings can only be beautiful if everything works in harmony.

And the only way to achieve this was to practice ‘total architecture’ – bringing together diverse teams of experts to consider buildings from a number of perspectives from the start. Today this agile, adaptable philosophy is more relevant than ever as future buildings will have to perform better across a broader range of success criteria than ever before.

Our Solution

While Arup Associates has a clear philosophy and a host of awards, they needed advice and help in translating that into a more powerful brand identity and communications. We worked with them to develop the much punchier, clearer narrative that you see today. This was an extremely collaborative process that saw us developing together the best articulation both verbally and visually that allows them to make clear their innovative, cutting edge and challenger mentality.


We created a new brand identity that allowed their amazing buildings to come to the fore, but all in the pursuit of a real belief that what the world needs is not more identikit physical signatures from ‘big architects’ but buildings that work in harmony for all stakeholders. We translated this into a number of consumer touch-points including the website.

Learn how Prophet has helped other companies create more powerful brand identities by checking out our case studies, or click image below to see some of our work with Arup Associates for yourself.

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