The Challenge

Charles Schwab wanted to build internal understanding, empathy and excitement for the transitional retirement consumer and to create a unified point-of-view on how to transform Schwab into the provider of choice when it comes to retirement. They also wished to reinforce this point-of-view with a set of actionable ideas that are grounded in insight and address the needs and wants of the transitional retirement consumer.

Our Solution

Charles Schwab asked Prophet to host an immersion and ideation event where key Schwab stakeholders could interact with external experts and customers. During the event, we explored the goals, qualities and ideas that would drive Schwab’s transitional retirement strategy and developed blueprints for priority opportunity areas. Afterward, Prophet provided a point-of-view on how to sustain the momentum moving forward and implications for playing to win in the transitional retirement market.


Prophet identified hundreds of innovative ideas for Schwab to play to win in the transitional retirement market (aggregated in multiple larger opportunity areas). We also created positive momentum for stakeholder collaboration across functional areas to drive the transitional retirement strategy forward. Charles Schwab walked away aligned and ready to reinvent retirement.

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