The Challenge

Colgate had developed a new whitening toothpaste that would enter the cosmetic toothpaste category, and needed a fast and effective commercialization and go-to-market strategy. However, this was no small feat as a growing number of consumers doubted the efficacy of whitening toothpaste. Colgate brought Prophet in to help them overcome this hurdle and successfully position and launch their new product.

Our Solution

We identified and dimensionalized the target market, developing a platform of insights into the consumer segment and their oral care needs. We then pioneered a new rapid and iterative approach to translate these insights into a compelling concept and the final package elements for launch based on the most credible drivers of whitening.


Using the new approach, Optic White™ was launched in August 2011 after only 9 months of development and quickly gained market share in the U.S. and was launched in over 70 global markets. Optic White™ is widely regarded as one of Colgate’s greatest successes of the last ten years and the brand has extended into mouthwash, toothpaste and other oral care segments. The product has also received acclaim from media and analysts, with Forbes reporting that “Optic White™ has taken the industry by storm.”

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