The Challenge

The global recession and increasing competition had slowed revenue and margin growth throughout the core businesses of world-renowned paper goods company, Company O. Its leadership team was committed to accelerating profitable business growth by building internal competencies to make its operating divisions more market driven.

The goal: better leverage market understanding to improve customer engagement, portfolio and pricing management and the robustness of the new product pipeline.

Our Solution

Marketing leaders within each division and global region partnered to create a marketing council that would partner with Prophet and guide a marketing-driven growth initiative (MDGI). The council and Prophet started by benchmarking the marketing capabilities of business units around the world and developing a three-year roadmap for marketing success.

The senior leadership team, the council and Prophet prioritized five core and five supporting competencies that ranged from segmentation to product portfolio management, and funded pilots in each division to support development of these competencies.

Once the pilots were completed, Prophet codified a standard approach, “The Company O Way,” and led interactive training with all market-facing employees to bring the new strategy to life. We helped the council embed and sustain each competency by developing metrics, improving marketing planning and by working with human resources to develop assessment tools and career maps.


Within the first six months the initiative drove significant revenue-generating projects for our client with four of the world’s largest consumer products companies and built momentum for the MDGI throughout the company. The first wave of global training reached every marketer in the company within the first year. Participants were enthused by the relevance and practicality of the content. Company O has now embarked on developing the third of four foundational competencies and continues to develop and extend “The Company O Way.”

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