The Challenge

At its height in the early 1900s, Detroit Electric was both the market leader and the most prolific manufacturer in a burgeoning electric car market in Motor City. The company went on to achieve an electric vehicle production world record for the twentieth century before halting production in 1939 due to the accessibility and affordability of petrol engines. Resurrected in 2008 by Albert Lam, a former executive of the Lotus Engineering Group, Detroit Electric worked in conjunction with Prophet to develop a powerful brand identity that would hit the market with the velocity of the fastest pure-electric production sports car in the world.

Our Solution

Detroit Electric and Prophet embarked on a six month journey to build a strategy, naming and identity, to bring this pioneering brand back to life. Evolved from the concept of ‘Detroit 2.0,’ the new Detroit Electric branding leverages the company’s history while also positioning the brand with the urban and muscular feel of a traditional sports car. The car even comes with an integrated smart phone system that lets the car owner control everything from the navigation and stereo to lighting and heating. The app can also be used as a compass to lead you to your car, not that you would ever have trouble identifying this car in a parking lot.


The end result: the launch of the new brand and two-seater 100% pure electric sports car, designed to showcase the performance potential of pure electric driving. The new brand and first car model to bear the Detroit Electric logo was unveiled at the company's new headquarters in the iconic Fischer building in Detroit and was recently voted the hottest new car by VANITY FAIR. Keep an eye out for new models; at this speed, more Detroit Electric cars will be on the road sooner than you think.

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