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The Challenge

For more than three years, Prophet worked closely with HTC, forming a close working partnership with both the global and regional marketing teams. At the beginning of our relationship, HTC was a company with a lot of promise. They had all the talent needed to become a major player in the growing smartphone market, having had a long history of making innovative white label products.

However, they were still the underdog, a company with great phones but without a strong customer-facing brand. They knew that the smartphone market was on the verge of explosive growth and they had to act quickly to develop the brand.

Our Solution

HTC asked us to develop a strong brand positioning and identity to give them a differentiated position in an increasingly crowded market. The outcome was based around the idea of ‘quietly brilliant’; a simple, powerful and meaningful attitude, one that really reflects who HTC are and what they believe. The personality, visual identity and values we developed all stemmed from this core idea. Following the launch, we have continued to work alongside HTC on a daily basis; undertaking more than 100 projects to continue building the brand internally and externally.


Since the brand launch in October 2009, HTC has gone from strong to stronger. Their brand awareness has more than doubled globally, handset sales have tripled and share price has gone up by over 200%.They've gone from underdog to one of the leading players in the smartphone market. The brand itself has won awards, with praise for its standout and inventive nature.

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The HTC Story Watch

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