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The Challenge

InvestHK is Hong Kong’s inbound investment agency. Their challenge was to strengthen Hong Kong’s status as the leading international business location in Asia. Prophet accepted that challenge and set out to reposition, refresh and relaunch the brand through a global advertising campaign. We needed to give the organization a simple and memorable story to tell, one that positioned Invest HK as the smartest choice for businesses looking to enter Asia. It had to communicate the full breadth of their service offering to multiple audience segments – from small startups to large enterprises, in every business sector.

Our Solution

We conducted a scan of the market, competitive landscape and economy and arrived at one key insight: in a tough economy, the world is turning to Asia to drive growth. Ambitious Chinese companies are increasingly looking to raise growth capital from global markets via Hong Kong or its competitors. As Asia’s world city, Hong Kong is perfectly positioned to benefit from both.

This led to the positioning idea for InvestHK: Where business goes to grow, and the theme for a growth-oriented advertising campaign that celebrates the competitive advantages that businesses enjoy in Hong Kong over neighbouring destinations such as Singapore, Shenzhen or Shanghai. The idea clearly positions both HK and InvestHK - as the best destination for both inbound and outbound audiences from all sectors to achieve their growth ambitions.


The new campaign created a positive and highly visible change for Invest HK in Hong Kong and around the world. The inbound inquiries from businesses looking to set up in Hong Kong doubled as a result of the campaign.