The Challenge:

With over 1 million Chinese tourists traveling outside of China today and over 2 million expected by 2020, the global hospitality industry has been working quickly to figure out how best to deliver on Chinese travelers’ needs. With a history of delivering strong guest experiences, Marriott relaunched its Chinese Outbound traveler program, Li Yu, to deliver on the needs of Chinese tourists at its hotel. While similar programs cater to basic needs, such as offering tea and slippers in the room, Marriott wanted to go beyond what other hotel programs offer Chinese guests.

Our Solution:

Prophet was enlisted to help Marriott identify new products, services and guest experiences that would take the Li Yu program a step further. One of those ideas was a WeChat program that would enable Chinese speakers to engage with a local concierge who could help them with everything from planning their trip abroad and providing restaurant recommendations to connecting with tour guides and finding directions in their local language.

We also worked with Marriott to redesign its brand identity and voice so the brand would have greater appeal among their target audience. The logo played on the name Li Yu which means “Service with courtesy” in Chinese. We incorporated a gift within the Chinese characters, while the visual system used a series of stamps to help explain the variety of things Marriott offers through its Li Yu program.

The Results:

The WeChat concierge rolled out in the Asia market in August 2016 along with the new Li Yu brand visual identity. A global rollout is expected in late 2016.

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