The Challenge

Timberland’s R&D team recognized that they were becoming fast followers from a new product development perspective and wanted to create new products collaboratively and organically across three opportunity areas:

  • Redesign of yellow boot
  • Create a new casual shoe
  • A new category of shoe for outdoor athletes

Our Solution

We designed and led a week-long intensive product development “boot camp.” Sixty participants represented cross-functional internal stakeholders and key supply chain partners from around the world.

Professors at Play (external content experts like an Automotive Executive and Social Psychologist) were brought in to educate, inspire, and infuse outside perspectives into the process.


The program resulted in several breakthrough ideas for the company's footwear division that will guide product development for several years to come.

“I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, and I can’t remember a week that was more productive in terms of product development or building relationships.” - Doug Clark, VP of Footwear Product Management, Timberland.

This approach was featured in Fast Company:

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