The Challenge

In the face of intense competition forcing diminished differentiation, United Airlines wanted to make sure it didn’t deliver the same, commoditized product to all of its customers. United worked with Prophet to enhance its customer experience by identifying signature touchpoints that would attract premium flyers and differentiate itself from its competitors.

Our Solution

United Airlines brought together key functions throughout the company to redefine the end-to-end customer experience and develop its own, unique customer service philosophy. United intended to become: “A service company committed to delivering travel experiences that make customers feel respected, relaxed, and rewarded.”

Prophet developed a cutting-edge segmentation strategy to help United Airlines identify the two critical target markets providing clear business growth opportunities. Through extensive analysis of the Check-In, Gate and Boarding process, we were able to identify critical customer touchpoints that differentiated the two segments.

After our team identified several signature touchpoints, United piloted an improved on-board experience, premium check-in area and boarding process in major airports with positive results.


For the first time in years, in 2012, United surpassed American Airlines in terms of percentage of Super Elites flying an airline most often, and also surpassed American in customer experience ratings.

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Client Testimonial Watch

In this video, Tim Simonds from United Airlines talks about how Prophet helped his company redefine the customer experience.

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