The Challenge

UnitedHealthcare (UHC), a $40 billion national healthcare division of UnitedHealth Group, had experienced significant business growth over the past 5 years. However, certain local regions were experiencing tremendous competitive pressure and losing share. UHC responded by pulling all marketing levers across pricing, product, promotions and distribution; but was not certain which elements were most effective in accelerating membership. They needed a more systematic way to measure effectiveness so they could recover share in these regions and apply the learnings to other regions in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our Solution

Using data on behaviors, perceptions and transactions, Prophet assessed the impact of the 4Ps on membership growth through multivariate analytical techniques, both alone (e.g., pricing change only) and in combination (e.g., pricing combined with promotions). Within promotions, we looked at the relative effectiveness of different media – including radio, print, outdoor, online and direct mail. We assessed the return on these investments both from a business impact and brand perception perspective. The understanding of these levers helped to develop marketing plans in other key markets.


The learnings have been applied to different markets and have helped drive membership growth. In today’s challenging and ever-changing healthcare environment, Prophet is continuing to work with UHC to refine the understanding of various marketing levers in a test-and-learn environment and apply them real-time to their business on a market-by-market basis.

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Client Testimonial Watch

In this video, Chris Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer of UnitedHealthcare, talks about how Prophet helped her company develop a systematic way to measure marketing effectiveness in an increasingly competitive industry.

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