The Challenge

U.S. Cellular operates in a increasingly competitive and commoditized market where customers tend to have negative brand perceptions and often have no emotional connection to their wireless providers. The competition was significantly outspending U.S. Cellular in terms of advertising, which made it difficult for U.S. Cellular to get their message to consumers. U.S. Cellular engaged Prophet to develop a meaningful, relevant, and differentiated brand positioning.

Our Solution

Prophet conducted detailed market research and developed a segmentation to better understand their customer's true needs in order to develop solutions to address their biggest pain points. Research uncovered that while people had great need and emotional connections to their phones, there was a general mistrust of wireless providers. Based on these insights, the team partnered to develop a unique and aspirational brand positioning that differentiates U.S. Cellular from the competition. This positioning served as the catalyst for that fed a new program aimed to change the face of the wireless industry, The Belief Project.


U.S. Cellular created an internal campaign to communicate the positioning to all their employees and an external campaign with the new tagline, "Believe in Something Better" to communicate the new positioning to consumers. Subsequent strategic work led to the development of "The Belief Project" a set of improvements to the customer experience lauded by industry followers, independent consumer publications, and PC Magazine.