Victoria's Secret:
Flagship stores that move

We were tasked with creating all the media for Victoria’s Secret’s first international flagship store, located on London’s Bond Street. The idea was to engineer an in-store media experience that would capture the spirit, emotion and dynamic youthfulness of the brand.

We created an intelligent, centralized, digital media platform that supports five distinct digital canvases—the largest of which is three stories tall. The system creates endlessly unique content compositions of Victoria’s Secret videos, photography and ambient content. The innovation lies in self-curating media interfaces platform that simultaneously feed unique content to both small and giant screens automatically. In addition, the operational efficiencies produced in creating an intelligent, centralized system that is self-generative rather than requiring continuous manual production of pre-rendered content, led Victoria’s Secret to invite Prophet to replicate the success in its Vancouver Flagship Store.

Prophet’s media design was successful both experientially, and from a business perspective. The unique media design created a new brand icon, while effectively moving customers up the staircase while providing a rich, entertaining, brand experience. As such, it facilitated in creating unprecedented revenue for this store.