SAN FRANCISCO, DECEMBER 17, 2019 – Strategic research advisory firm Lighthouse3, and its Women in AI Ethics (WAIE) initiative, has selected industry analyst  Susan Etlinger as one of its “100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics.” Now in its second year, the 2020 WAIE list honors women who continue to lead the way and set the bar for quality work in the space.

Beginning in October 2019, nominees were put through a multi-layer vetting process. Nominees had to have more than expertise in AI; they had to promote ethical and responsible AI practices in their published research, public views and experiences. Additionally, nominees needed to show a commitment to inclusion and diversity in their personal or professional capacity or as a part of a larger organization.

Etlinger’s speaking events, independent research and self-authored reports have helped her become globally recognized as an expert in artificial intelligence and digital strategy. In the past year alone, she has spoken at industry and private events all over the world and has published a number of highly regarded research reports and articles, including:

“Artificial intelligence is an incredibly powerful set of technologies that comes with powerful implications for business and society,” said Etlinger, senior analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company. “I am honored to be part of a diverse and multidisciplinary community of educators, technologists, business and civic leaders, researchers, and others who are committed to establishing a foundation for ethical use of AI.”

Each year, the Brilliant Women in AI Ethics list sparks a conversation about the powerful role and influence of women in the industry. Over 50 percent of this year’s names are new, an encouraging statistic that women leadership in the ethical AI movement is growing across the globe. This year’s list is mainly composed of women from the U.S. and Europe, with new voices from underrepresented geographical areas such as Australia/New Zealand, India and the Middle East.

About WAIE

The WAIE initiative’s mission is to recognize and empower female leaders working on the ethics of AI. As big tech balloons, WAIE is focused on supporting the women who champion the ethical cause, even at the risk of their own jobs and well-being. WAIE’s work is centered around three key pillars: recognition, diversity and inclusion and economic empowerment.

About Altimeter

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