(Beijing) Prophet and Alimama today jointly published a highly anticipated white paper detailing the Brand META Model, a new branding model developed to help companies flourish in China.

Current cultural, economic and technological forces in China have forced companies to rethink their go-to-market strategies. Generally, multinationals have relied on traditional brand-building models that are driven from the top down, while local brands have focused on achieving high market share through wide distribution and low prices. Neither of these strategies has the longevity to last as China’s consumer landscape continues to rapidly change.

Prophet and Alimama devised a new model to help both multinational and local brands in China build brand equity and drive growth.

The Brand META Model is an update to the traditional branding model that takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities in China today. It shows brands how to harness data to engage more effectively with consumers and spur profitable growth by applying the following strategies:

· Maintain: Maintain the approach of positioning but localize it for different cultures.

· Evolve: Evolve the way data is collected and activated to identify micro-targets for an audience and evolve the marketing planning process so it is more agile and omnichannel.

· Transform: Transform consumer experiences to make them more proactive, experiential and hyper-personalized.

Jay Milliken, Senior Partner and head of Asia at Prophet, says, “The collaboration between Prophet and Alimama is founded on a shared vision to transform brand-building in China. Traditional branding models are no longer effective and the landscape in China continues to evolve rapidly, so it is critical that brands implement strategies that are agile and market-specific. The Brand META Model provides the roadmap to drive this change.”

Hao Wu, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Alimamasays “On the one hand, small and medium companies in China are gradually deepening their understanding of how brand building can lead to growth. On the other hand, more and more global brands are entering the market and thinking about how to adapt their brand-building approach to China. These two forces have jointly driven the creation of this new brand building model in China.” said.

David A. Aaker, Vice Chairman at Prophet, added, “I’m really excited about the META Model, which was developed by Prophet with the support of Alimama. It draws upon all the learnings in brand strategy and brand building in the West in the last 30 years and adapts for China. Emphasizing the strategic and long-term aspect of brand-building, this model is going to move branding forward in China and have an influence over the next decade.”

The Brand META Model was created based on expert inputs, secondary market data, and insights from key stakeholders. Prophet conducted interviews with China digital experts, including well-known authority on Chinese consumers and Prophet Senior Partner, Tom Doctoroff, in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the impact digital has in the China market. Prophet also conducted research with Marketing executives of leading local and international brands in various categories to learn insights, experiences, and mistakes from those who have successfully embraced brand building in China’s digital age.

For more information about the Brand META Model and to download the full white paper, click here.

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