CHICAGO, March 5, 2019 –  Marketing strategists, Scott Davis, and Jeff Gourdji of global consultancy Prophet (, have released a book, Making the Healthcare Shift: The Transformation to Consumer-Centricity, a playbook for healthcare leaders looking to make their organizations more consumer-centric.

While healthcare organizations have recognized the need to change, they often don’t know where or how to begin. As the industry sits on the edge of transformation, in Making the Healthcare Shift, Davis and Gourdji reveal how traditional healthcare organizations (payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies) can prepare for the changes to come and re-invent how they engage with consumers.

“Consumers want to be treated as powerful participants in their health. Increasingly healthcare organizations’ bottom lines require meeting consumers halfway or more. It is increasingly in everyone’s best interests to make sure consumers are empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled, so they become what we call the ‘e-consumer,’” explained Jeff Gourdji, a partner at Prophet.

Consumer centricity is required to win in today’s era of active consumers. Consolidating health systems and commoditized plans and medicines means greater consumer engagement is necessary so that consumers are empowered to select their system, their plan, and their drug. Additionally, funders of healthcare are demanding greater value of systems and drug manufacturers, requiring consumer centricity to get consumers to change their behavior and, in turn, drive down healthcare costs.

And winning that empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled consumer has become more critical at a time when healthcare consumers are demanding more from providers in response to rising costs; when consumers need to play a more active role in personal health management; and when startups are finding more agile ways to meet the needs of this increasingly educated and proactive group of consumers.

“Particularly in the U.S., many healthcare companies are feeling squeezed by new value-based metrics and by pushes from financiers of healthcare – such as governments and employers – toward a more cost-efficient consumer system. Adaption to the consumer is stunted and digital naïveté is pervasive,” noted Prophet Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis.

The book includes over 70 executive interviews with the biggest names in healthcare and quantitative research with over 240 global health leaders across payer, provider and pharma sectors. This includes Mayo Clinic, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, Intermountain Health and Pfizer, to name a few.

Analyzing the data and commentary for critical themes, Making the Healthcare Shift uncovers five shifts that organizations must prioritize to reshape into more consumer-centric businesses:

  1. Moving from tactical fixes to a holistic experience strategy
  2. Moving from fragmented care to connected ecosystems
  3. Moving from population-centric to person-centered
  4. Moving from incremental improvements to extensive innovation
  5. Moving from insights as a department to a culture of consumer obsession

Other Key Insights from the Book:

– Offers practical advice and case studies on how to make these five shifts become a reality.

– Reveals how traditional healthcare organizations (payers, providers, pharma companies) can prepare for the changes to come and re-invent how they engage with consumers.

– Provides practical advice for healthcare leaders across the globe who dare to transform their organizations to both compete and win in the age of healthcare consumerism.

To view the full research results, case studies and industry segment highlights visit our website.

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