The State of Consumer Healthcare: A Study of Patient Experience

There is a vital change happening in healthcare: People are demanding to be treated as savvy consumers, who deserve choices, convenience and fair prices. The same revolution of consumerism that’s shaking up the way the world buys financial services, airline tickets and groceries is finally underway in healthcare. And as healthcare options multiply, this trend will only accelerate. Providers who are ready to respond by creating a strong patient experience are going to win, and those who aren’t will be left behind.

This study was created to understand the consumer healthcare experience by assessing the gap between patient and providers’ expectations and perceptions, and arm institutions with the ability to assess their own organization, define a successful strategy, and deliver on it.

Chapter One

The state of the patient experience is bad…and getting worse.

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Chapter Two

The case for investment is clear—wait time is wasted time. Investments to improve the patient experience drive system-wide growth and translate into financial gain.

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Chapter Three

Providers must deliver a holistic experience that is very different from what patients encounter today.

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Chapter Four

Prophet and GE Healthcare Camden Group have teamed up to help organizations assess the patient experience they currently deliver and develop a plan to transform it.

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