The Case for Investment

Once consolidation is done, and the world of mega systems has arrived, winners and losers will be determined by their ability to deliver a positive, holistic consumer experience. Waiting to fix this will put systems behind in the race for building strong brands, delivering on their missions and achieving financial stability.

Investments to improve patient experience also improve an organization’s operational efficiency.

The priorities of health system leadership and their patients are not in conflict, in fact they are well aligned. For both parties, wait time is wasted time. Investing in an improved patient experience drives growth and reduces costs.

Patients, health systems and physicians value many of the same things.

While no one today has the sole ability to address all of a patient's healthcare needs, health systems are best positioned to integrate and own the holistic consumer experience.

Providers have the breadth and depth of relationships to deliver this holistic experience.

Providers are the most trusted by consumers and therefore are the best positioned to make integration possible.

Payer Provider Pharmacy
Life Sciences

Brand Examples

United Healthcare and Aetna Stanford Health Care and Cleveland Clinic Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy Pfizer and MERCK

Strength of Relationships

Depth of trust with consumers


Ability to get different organizations in the HC system working together


Resource availability and operational agility

Providers could get ahead of other industry players and start improving the patient experience by partnering with new market entrants, such as:

Creating a great patient experience will do more than increase patient satisfaction. It helps organizations:

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Drive increased capacity and access for consumers

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Drive down operating costs and improve bottom line

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Improve employee satisfaction and retention

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Build the brand and reputation to encourage consumers to consolidate care and increase leverage with payers

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Help systems to deliver on the organizational mission to keep people and communities healthy

Chapter One

 The Current State of the Patient Experience

Chapter Three

The Path to Success